Becca Human

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Becca Human

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Teaser Trailer - 25 secs

I directed a short film for art collective I Shape Beauty,
an artist and poet duo who collaborate on installation projects
and facilitate art therapy workshops for women of colour.


Short Film - 3 mins 02 secs

Cast & Crew

Director: Becca Human
Producers: Lesley Asare & Indigo Williams
Client: I Shape Beauty
Art Director: Becca Human
Set Photographer: Theo Ndlovu
Make-up Artist: Roxy Asare
Production Runner: Yvette Kissi
Editor: Becca Human
Voiceover: Indigo Williams

The Bin Bag Skirt™
is a Somatic Costume designed and developed by
Sally E Dean, Carolina Rieckhof and Sandra Arroniz Lacunza
as part of the Somatic Movement, Costume and Performance Project.

The costume has been recreated by Lesley Asare for the 'Shape' film.

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