Becca Human

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Becca Human

︎   ABOUT + CONTACT    ︎    DIRECTOR     ︎
︎   ARTIST    ︎     PROCESS    ︎

Dream Nails “Cookies 4 U” | Music Video

I go through pre-production, prop design,
the shoot day, editing and title design:

Hard To Leave | Dir: Emmanuel Nii Sackey

I shot the behind the scenes for the feature film
Hard To Leave
where we shot a fight scene at a bus stop.

My Process (for Indie Filmmaking):

When I started, I had to do a little bit of everything. 
Now I work with a team and share the load with other talented people.  

How I put together treatments, moodboards, shot lists,
storyboards, budgets, make props, art direct, and edit:

Free pdf download of my filmmaking process
Low Res | High Res

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