Becca Human

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Becca Human

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Becca Human

Director + Artist
Based in London, England.




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I’m a director & artist who tells stories through film, illustration and comics.

My work explores alienation, survival, and the surrealism of everyday life. Both narrative and abstract, my approach to storytelling is shaped by science fiction, fantasy, and dark humour.

I work traditionally with pencil, ink, paint, and oil pastel — I hand draw my illustrations, then scan, and digitally colour them. As a filmmaker, I have a diy ethic, from making props to animating title design.

If you'd like to commission me, please get in touch with your project's details, budget, timeframe and usage (how & where the artwork or film will be used)

If you're a charity / community organiser I do consider working to a sliding scale (no guarantees though) (burnout)

Sometimes responses are delayed due to poor mental health. I try to get back to you as soon as possible (thanks for your patience)

Worked with Smirnoff, VICE, V&A, Gal-dem, FADER, The National Portrait Gallery, Little Bee Books (Simon & Schuster) and more.

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